Laid off employees urged by Salesforce to join their team

American cloud computing company Salesforce has recently told laid-off IBM employees that they are ready to help.

Recently, IBM in the United States did massive layoffs as part of a “Resource Action.”

It is not clear how many employees were let go, but a report by the International Business Times suggests that it could be huge–about a third of the total employees.

Marc Benoiff, founder and CEO of Salesforce, has posted a series of tweets about the issue, saying that they are welcoming those who have lost their jobs in IBM.

In one post, Benoiff said: “Salesforce opens its hands to help @IBM and any laid off workers send us your cv.”

According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, all IBM employees who were laid off during the current round will be subject to the company’s new 2016 severance package that pays one month of severance no matter how long the employee has served in the company.

IBM told Business Insider in a statement that they are “aggressively transforming the business to bring in “a new era of cognitive and cloud computing.”

“To this end, IBM hired more than 70,000 professionals in 2015, many in these key skills areas, and currently has more than 25,000 open positions,” the statement added.

A group called Watching IBM has been monitoring what’s currently happening–posting articles about the layoffs, as well as showing personal accounts of employees who have been let go:

“I got word that after 34 years, I am gone. One thing that concerned me was my manager saying ‘we tried to target people who are retirement-eligible’. Looks like the package has an agreement we have to sign ‘Arbitration Procedure and Collective Action Waiver’,” said one former employee.

“I have never gotten a 3 and last year was just below a 2+ in the rankings. Obviously my selection did not have to do with my performance but rather my age.Thankfully I am mostly prepared. One option is to find another job of those “25,000 openings”. Given this treatment, I really no longer wish to work for this company,” the employee added.