Amazon and GoDaddy sued for hosting Ashely Madison data

Amazon Web Services and GoDaddy are being sued by three users of Ashley Madison for allegedly hosting the websites that leaked the affair website’s customer data.

This is after the hacking group The Impact Team’s posting of the extramarital affairs website–whose website is “Life is short, have an affair,”–in July and the publishing of stolen customer databases in August.

The three John Does who filed the lawsuit in an Arizona federal court said that they are suing the internet service providers for “intentionally inflicting emotional distress upon Ashley Madison users. They are calling fro $3 million in damages and losses, and have also names 20 other defendants, three of whom operated websites that sold the leaked user data.

They anonymous plaintiffs also suing the operators of the websites that allowed the public to search for personal information of Ashley Madison users.

“(T)his action deals with a different injury inflicted upon Ashley Madison users by persons and entities who have obtained the stolen data, repurposed it such that it is more readily accessible and searchable by the media and curious Internet users, and actively distributed it for their own gain,” said the lawsuit.

Find the lawsuit PDF here.

A number of suicides have been reported since the leak. According to a report, there are two Ashley Madison-linked deaths in Canada and the United States.

CNN reported that a pastor whose name was outed by the hack committed suicide.

“He talked about depression. He talked about having his name on there, and he said he was just very, very sorry,” said pastor John Gibson’s wife Christi. “What we know about him is that he poured his life into other people, and he offered grace and mercy and forgiveness to everyone else, but somehow he couldn’t extend that to himself.”

“It wasn’t so bad that we wouldn’t have forgiven it, and so many people have said that to us, but for John, it carried such a shame,” she added, saying that it was likely that her husband was worried that he would lose his job.