Adobe Flash is now called Adobe Animate CC

Adobe, the company behind Flash, will be changing the name of web animation tool Flash Professional.

The company has announced that from the name Flash Professional CC will be replaced with Animate CC to show that it also supports modern formats. Their goal is to reflect the reality that web developers are using it to create HTML5 content, which is more than a third of all the content created with the app.

TechCrunch reported that in recent years, a huge percentage of Flash Professional users have also been using the app to create WebGL animations, which worked on mobile and desktop. These do not require the Flash plugin for the end user.

Adobe said that Animate CC will be the company’s premier web animation tool for developing HTML5 content, while still continuing to support the creation of Flash content.

“While standards like HTML5 will be the web platform of the future across all devices, Flash continues to be used in key categories like web gaming and premium video, where new standards have yet to fully mature,” Adobe said in a blog post.

Read the rest of the official announcement here.

Adobe said that it is working with partners such as Microsoft and Google “to help ensure the ongoing compatibility and security of Flash content.” They added that they are also now working with Facebook to ensure that the Flash gaming content on the social networking site will continue to run reliably and securely.

“Looking ahead, we encourage content creators to build with new web standards and will continue to focus on providing the best tools and services for designers and developers to create amazing content for the web,” the company added.

Adobe Animate CC will officially be available early next year.